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A full review of the Convention with photos from all the social functions, all the Power Point presentations plus some of the Papers  are now available by following the Link 

2016 IBD Asia Pacific Convention website

As you should be aware our recent Asia Pacific Convention was held in Sydney from 14th to 18th March at the Westin Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. On any measure it was a huge success with a large number of delegates registering (all up approximately 450). The technical programme was of a very high standard with many delegates commenting positively on the content. For the first time in a great many years we ran concurrent sessions on the Thursday in order to be able to include the number of quality technical presentations that were received. To add to this we had 15 Posters on display which again created considerable interest.

The Trade Exhibition was once again a highlight of our Asia Pacific Convention with 50 exhibitors providing outstanding business opportunities for delegates. Once again Asia Pacific received amazing support from our Sponsors without whom the Convention could not proceed. We thank them for their support and this is recognised on our Website with links to their businesses. We hope that you will continue to support them in the future should you require any of their services.

Networking opportunities for delegates were also highly successful via the social functions that were in put in place for the evenings.

With our new Website it is intended that the Proceedings will be published only on the Website giving full access to the Presentations. All the Power Points used in the Plenary sessions are now available and  copies of the Papers that we have received have also been published. Any further papers that we receive will also be updated.

The photographs below show the first three speakers from our Plenary session on the Tuesday. Professor Charlie Bamforth who is the current International President of the IBD, gave us an update on the IBD. Our two Keynote Speakers were Mr Mark McCrindle who spoke about “Global Trends, Impacts and Influences on the Brewing Industry” and from Lion Mr James Brindley’s speech  was entitled “Alcohol and Beer in Australia – A Brewer’s View”.

Professor Charlie Bamforth – President IBD

2016 Convention – Technical Programme

Day 1: Monday 14th March 2016

Time Event Speakers
9.30 Morning Coffee  
9.45 Welcome & Craft Beer Introduction Prof Charlie Bamforth
10.00 Making Balanced Beer Mr Warren Pawsey
Mr Russell Gosling
10.30 Malt Specifications Mr David Cryer
11.00 Yeast Selection Mr John Pitt
11.30 Fermentation Control & Impact on Flavour Mr Stephen Nelsen
12.00 Commissioning and Running a Craft Brewery – pitfalls Mr Andrew Downes
12.30 LUNCH
1.15 How Craft Brewers can move from Hoses and Flow Panels to Mix Proof Valves and Manifolds. Dr Roland Folz
1.45 Filtration Choices Dr Peter Aldred
2.15 Packaging Options for Craft Brewers Mr Chris Willcock
2.45 Hygiene for Craft Brewers Mr Malcolm Swalwell
3.15 IBD Education & Discussion Forum for Craft Brewers Prof Charlie Bamforth,
Dr Peter Aldred
Mr Stephen Nelsen,
Mr Clive Belcher
4.30 Session Close

Day 2: Tuesday 15th March 2016

Time Event Speakers
9.00 Welcome by Convention Chairman Mr Peter David
9.05 Keynote Presentations
Global Trends, Impacts and Influences on the Brewing Industry
A National Brewer’s View of the Asia Pacific Marketplace
Mr Mark McCrindle
Mr James Brindley
9.50 President’s Update on the IBD Prof Charlie Bamforth
10.20 Previews of Poster Presentations Mr Gary Blomeley
11.15 Exhibition and Poster Session
12.30 LUNCH
1.30 The Global Craft Beer Revolution Dr Ina Verstl
2.00 Building a Brewery, Distillery and Bottling Plant in a Resort Hotel Dr Jerry Schwarz
2.30 Installing a Microbrewery in a Bar – Charming Squire Mr Anthony Clem
3.30 The Aroma Story from Hops into the Final Beer Ms Alicia Munoz
4.00 The Right Malt for the Right Craft Beer Dr Doug Stewart
4.30 US Craft Brewing and its Impact on the Beer Industry World-wide Prof Charlie Bamforth

Day 3: Wednesday 16th March 2016

Time Event Speakers
9.00 Creating a World Class Brewery through Cultural Change Mr Mark Toomey
9.30 Coopers Brewery MES Implementation Mr Nick Sterenberg
10.00 Culture Change in the Lean Journey at CUB Mr Trevor Gray
11.00 Defining Yeast Stress at HG Dr Chris Powell
11.30 Influence of Petite Mutations on Miniature Fermentation Behaviour Prof Alex Speers
12.00 Fermentation Character Analysis of Top-fermenting Yeast Dr Hironori Inadome
12.30 LUNCH
1.30 Renewable Green Energy Source: from Biogas to Biomethane & CO2 Mr Roy Spee
2.00 Strategic water, Energy and Waste Management in a Modern brewery- The Pride. Mr Craig Cooper
2.30 Environmental Improvement by Pasteuriser Replacement Mr Reiner Gaub
3.30 Design of a Specialist Brewing Lab Dr Melinda Christopherson
4.00 A New Concept for Monitoring the Quality of Filled Packages Mr Marco Buis
4.30 Creating a new market opportunity for Whisky By-Products Dr Dawn Maskell
6.30 SPEAKER/SPONSOR FUNCTION (Invitation only)

Day 4: Thursday 17th March 2016 (Concurrent Sessions)

Time Event Speakers
9.00 Increasing Rate in the Number of New Malting Barley Varieties in Australia. Mr Luke O’Connor
9.30 DP Enzyme Release during Mashing Dr Evan Evans
10.00 Changed Gelatinization Temperature Extraction Time for Low Malt Beers Mr Kotaro Yamaki
11.00 Hop Breeding Using Molecular Marking Technology Mr Russell Falconer
11.30 NZ Hop Character and Impact of Yeast on Hop Derived Compounds Dr Graham Eyres
12.00 LUNCH
1.00 CIP Automation Dr Larry Grab
1.30 Value Engineering to Optimise Capex Mr Michael Pecar
2.00 Installation of a New 500 Hl Brewhouse at West End Brewery Mr Lars Christensen
3:00 Value for Money-quality Reproducibility and Productivity on a Budget Mr Graham Ellis
3.30 Measuring Emotional Responses to Beer Using Evoked Scenarios Prof Joanne Hort
4:00 Beer the Beautiful Truth – Growing Beer in Australia. Ms Kirsty Harding
4.30 Convention Close
Time Event Speakers
9.00 Smart Choices in Water Treatment for Better Sustainability Mr M Eumann
9:30 Krones Brewing Technology – from Industrial to Craft Mr Christian Kappeler
10.00 Filtration with Membrane filters Mr Rob Huttenhuis
11.00 Conquering the Regulatory Challenges of Creating New Products Mr Jon Coleman
11:30 Analytical Methods for Nutrition and Contents Dr David Duan
12.00 LUNCH
1:00 A New Acetolactate Decarboxylase for Diacetyl Control Dr Jacob Cramer
1:30 Innovation of Kirin RTD “Hyoketsu” Ms Mami Arita
2.00 PCR Method for Identification of Yeast in Wine, Beer and Alcohol Free Beverages Dr Vincent Ulve